Its Battle Report time 35pts Zerkova v eBaldur

Its battle report time. This game was played last night but nfortunately I did not get any photos of the game so this is a poor man’s battle report of text.

Last night I went up against Will and his Circle force in our Escalation League. We are now onto Month 3 and we have hit the 35pt point’s expansion. Unfortunately due to moving house, I was unable to get any games played at 25pts so I was chomping on the bit to get a game in.

We were playing Scenario #5 from SR2012 – Supply & Demand

So Lists:


Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova +6
Vanguard – 4
Vanguard – 4
Spriggan – 9
Greylord Ternion – 4
Kayazay Assassins – 8
–          Underboss – 2
Widowmakers – 4
Gorman Di Wulfe – 2
Koldun Lord – 2
Widow Maker Marksmen – 2


Baldur the Stonesoul +5
Feral Warpwolf – 9
Ghetorix – 11
Megalith – 11
Druids of Orboros – 7
–          Druid of Orboros Overseer – 2

Although I outnumbered him with models I was under no illusions that I did not have enough to deal with 3 Heavy beasts. It was about this moment that I was wondering what the heck I was going to do.

We rolled off and I won the roll electing to go second, with Zerkovas Tier list I would benefit from an extra 2” on my deployment giving me 12”


Will set up Baldur behind his 3 beasts with all three in the centre of the board with Megalith on the left, Ghetorix in the middle and the Feral on the right. The druids were set to one side to advance deploy.

I set up Gorman on the far left to get forward into to woods with the widow makers just to the right with the marksmen. The Spriggan set up just off centre to the left with the 2 vanguards side by side to the Spriggans right with Zerkova 2 inches behind. The Greylords and koldun Lord were just to the right with the Assassin holding the right flank.

My tier list allowed a smoke AOE to be deployed and they went just in front of my widowmakers.

Turn 1

Will advance deployed the Druids on my left and he kicked off his turn with all the beasts running forward. The Druids advanced forward and popped smoke.

My turn kicked off Zerkova allocating 2 focus to the Spriggan which walked forward and decided to go for a cheeky grenade launcher shot at the druids they were out of range so would deviate and I needed a 1 & 6 on Deviation and direction to cause some damage and that’s what I got. Boosted Damage and 1 dead Druid. Second shot and a 1 & a 6 was rolled… I boosted damage again and another dead Druid.

Gorman moved up into the woods and popped smoke and the widow makers did the same electing to cause some damage to megalith. The marksman moved up behind them. The Vanguards walked forward along with the greylords who spread out popping smoke on all three jacks. The koldun lord walked forward as did the assassins. Zerkova finished off by casting Watcher and then firing off a smoke AOE in the Druids general direction which landed next to the widowmakers.

Turn 2

The druids eager to take some revenge took an AOE shot against the widowmakers with them being in cover Will needed an 11 to hit on 2 dice and that is exactly what he got killing the entire unit and the marksman. Ghetorix moved forward ready to pounce on Spriggan the following turn the feral moved up to the right of Ghetorix with Megalith and Baldur advancing. Right up in my face things were going to get interesting.

I had a slight plan, I Upkept Watcher allocated 2 focus to the spriggan to go for another Grenade launcher attack. And a single focus to each of the Vanguards and the plan was ready to be put into action. Both vanguards elected to charge the feral with the first ending up in front of ghetorix, the send lined up just in front of the feral. Some shots and swings and a few points were taken from the feral taking a good chunk of his spirit. The assassins ran spreading out with some coming between the Spriggan and its impending doom.

The Spriggan moved forward and fired another shot again a 1 and a 6 game up dropping it on top of the druid UA and a druid 2 boosted hits killed the druid and took 3 wounds off of the UA. The second shot deviated not in the same direction but just as well to enable another Druid to die. The greylords walked forward and popped smoke on the spriggan and 2 vanguards. Gorman moved forward ready to contest Wills objective next turn. The koldun lord walked forward and Zerkova walked forward. She aimed an AOE and got a perfect deviation filling the gap needed with smoke to block line of sight to the Spriggan.

The only thing left was to pop feat and I FORGOT!!!!!!

Turn 3

Disaster, this could be painful. The remaining few druids backed up and popped smoke hoping to survive. The feral threw one of my vanguards aiming at a greylord, the poor thing landed killing the greylord and an assassin leaving him knocked down next to the spriggan, he then had a few pops at the other vanguard doing a few bits of damange. Ghetorix then advanced forward ready to unleash hell upon the Spriggan. He came within 6 inches of Zerkova though along the Spriggan to advance, I elected to not attack him for free but instead walk away from him inflicting a single free strike which hit but thankfully despite being only dice minus 2 on 3 dice inflicted only 3 damage. Phew.

With that out of the way Will wrecked the unfortunate Vanguard that was in a heap next to him boxing him in a few attacks. The megalith moved round and made everything near him rough terrain.

I kicked off my turn with a massive sigh of relief having dodged a bullet. Time for some payback. I allocated 3 Focus onto Spriggan and kept the rest on Zerkova. Gorman moved forward and tried to acid attack the Druid UA missing but contesting the objective. The Assassins elected to Charge forwards to move towards the his objective I managed to get into combat with a druid which subsequently died and more spectacularly doing 8 damage to megalith with a single assassin. The  vanguard had a swing against the Feral doing a few more points of damage and then it was time for some hard hitting stuff the 2 remaining Greylords and the Koldun lord moved forward and ice caged Ghetorix. All 3 hit which meant that he became stationary and I did not have to worry about boosting to hit with the spriggan. The spriggan walked forward and hit him with the shield, then the lance doing a lot of damage, 1 more attack was purchased and he was down to a handful of wounds. Perfect, 2 more attacks and 5 wounds to take off. 2nd attack was purchased and I did 3 damage!!! Final attack. A 4 was all I needed, yep I rolled a 3!.

The spriggan was finished and the thing was still alive, crap. But wait Zerkova was still there waiting to be activated. She did so electing to cast Razorwind, reducing the cost by 1 and boosting to damage allowed me to finish him off. She then backed off into my objective zone.

Liam 1 CP – Will 0 CP

Turn 4:

Will was now in position to dish out some punishment. The Feral pummelled the vanguard taking it out of the game and the Megalith trampled forwards killing a handful of assassins. The druid UA took aim at Gorman but missed leaving Baldur to charge the Spriggan with his +4 Strength. He completely tore Spriggan a new one but failed to take any systems out and looking in a bad situation.

I kicked off with one thing on my mind. Kill Baldur. 3 focus went onto the spriggan but some poor dice rolling left him with some health left. The remaining assassins aided by the underboss pulled off their killing stroke with 2 getting into B2B with Baldur doing a handful of damage and the remaining 2 getting into Will’s objective zone to further contest his objective Zerkova backed up a little and finally dropped her feat stopping any special attacks being done and severely hampering any chance of Will being able to kill the models contesting his objective.

Liam 2CP – Will 0 CP

Turn 5

Will went all out now moving the megalith and feral up to kill the 2 assassins however their resilience meant he needed to use more fury up than intended. Baldur managed to wreck the Spriggan with ease with 5 worm tokens on him but was unable to get to the 3 models contesting his objective. After his turn Baldur was on 3 wounds.

With a victory in sight I tried to get the caster kill for some extra VPs I kept all focus on Zerkova, walked forward, cast razor wind, boosted to hit and damage and then finished Baldur off.

Victory to Zerkova.

This was an incredibly close game, with some extremely high dice rolled on either side. I found myself very lucky as this list struggles against lots of jacks / beast but with a lot of luck I managed to come away with a win. We both agreed though to have a rematch when it comes to our 50pt lists so no doubt Will will be getting some serious revenge on me J

5 responses to “Its Battle Report time 35pts Zerkova v eBaldur

  1. When you triggered Watcher, was it because the model moved within 6″ of you during its advance or because it ended its movement within 6″ of Zerkova? It isn’t really clear.

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