It’s Nearly Vanquish Time

Vanquish 2012


So as much as I have fallen out with 40k and really cannot be bothered with it tomorrow sees our gaming club host it’s 5th Anniversary Vanquish Tournament.

Now I don’t play these so don’t panic, I have not gone back to the dark side but I am helping to running it with my Awesome score taking skills.

It’s now time to do the final preparations for 2 days of 40k action with nearly 60 players battling for the number 1 slot.

With lots of photos to take, scores to keep track off I shall also be being very sneeky and using the in game time to paint some battle boats (Read Dystopian Wars) Myself and 12 others have embarked on a nice 6 week mini campaign of global domination so I have yet more stuff to paint.

So stay tuned for some after action reports on Vanquish and finally after a long hiatus some painting updates 😀


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