I hate you Behemoth

I hate this model sooooooooo much it is unbelievable. For a model that looks really good I hate it with a passion and it is all down the the stupid pose it is in that make assembling it a mighty pain. I went to apply my basecoat wash yesterday only for it to break AGAIN. This is now the 5th time it has fallen apart. This time I have stripped out all of the pins in its Pelvis and put in new thicker ones, here is hoping that 6th time is a charm.

On a plus note I am not remotely phase by the Nyss hunters now lol.


3 responses to “I hate you Behemoth

  1. I feel you. Loads of pinning, epoxy, and glue. It also helps to put something under his foot to make him sturdier like a rock or something similar. At least it will look like he is stepping up instead of doing the twist. Good luck mate!

  2. I think *touch Wood* I have it sorted now. I have even managed to re base coat it and give it a wash without any structural temper tantrums! I shall take that as a success lol

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