Back online.

Hurray the internet has been connected and I am back online. Did you miss me, no ok then 😦

So wonderful house move finally complete and it has led to me being unable to do almost any painting over the last month. So fingers crossed that I can quickly get back into the swing of things. So what is on the table at the moment?

Well the Warmachine is still being worked through and I aim to get as much painted before the Welsh Open as possible. I have even started assembling those pesky Nyss Hunters!!! For Flames I have a handful of British Airborne to paint for a local infantry aces campaign day at the end of May and I am also dabbling in a light bit of Dystopian Wars painting in the form of the Covenant of Antartica. These are nothing special just some very quick painting to get them Tabletop standard for the occasional game.

So what to paint next? I always like to paint a jack to get me in the groove again as I can usually get 1 done in a few hours but which one to do. I am running out of Jacks to paint at the moment and only have the Behemoth, BEast 09, Scrap Jack and a Kodiak to paint.

I know lets paint all 4 😀



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