Man Cave 2.0

Greetings sports fans. I am back, well kind of. I am still awaiting sky to install my broadband, but failing that the house move has been a success. And with my move comes a much bigger man cave for all my modelling exploits. No more shall I be cluttered up on that tiny painting table, no no no. This beast is literally twice as long as the last 😀

So anyway as I have been virtually out of the painting side of things due to the move, hopefully I can start gaining some traction and start hammering through the paint jobs again.


Man Cave 2.0



2 responses to “Man Cave 2.0

    • Thanks, I have even more space behind me including a massive bookcase full of goodies 😀

      Nice to not be so cramped up as I was in my old place. I am not sure on the manufacturer of the paint rack but I purchased it from a German gaming webstore called That thing is a god send however I still have about 30 extra pots in a box under the desk lol

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