Review – KR Kaiser

"KR - soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam!"

So something that has been in the pipeline for a while but lack of enough free time has kept me from posting this but fear not it is now here.

For those of you that do not know, KR Multicase are a UK based manufacturer and distributer of foamtrays and cases specifically designed for the wargaming community. Daryl and his team work tirelessly to support the community and regularly bring out new trays and cases to fill gaps and meat our demanding needs.

Many years ago they released the Kaiser Case. This was a fantastic expansion that gave you an additional method of transporting your cases by given shoulder strapped capacity for 1,2 & 4 cases.

These were great bags, but they were not without their limitations. Roll forward a few years and towards the middle of last year Daryl revisited the range and decided to make some changes based on customer feedback.

This lead to the release of the Kaiser 2.0 range. Whilst there are a number of reviews that look at the new cases in isolation this will aim to provide a comparison to their old counterpart.

Side by Side comparison. New Kaiser is in Black

As you can see the New kaiser case is a lot chunkier than the older version, and lets have a look at why. As usual the quality is fantastic, having spent a while checking it over, all the stitching is very good and nothing feels like it will drop off when lifting a box full of metal.

There are also pockets all over the place. The case has 1 side zip pocket, 1 side mesh holder, 2 front A5 velcro pockets, 1 front large Zip pocket and a rear large Zipped pocket. That is a lot of storage!

Front Zipped Pocket

The front Zipped pocket provides plenty of room to fit your large hardback books in. In this instance the book is the new V3 Flames of War hardback. This book is chunky and still has extra room.

Rear Zipped Pocket

The rear pocket provides all the space needed for fitting in your codex and all other source books.

Side mesh pocket

The side mesh pocket is big enough to fit a dice bag or a can / bottle of your favourite E number dispenser. The mesh pocket has an elastic top which will help keep things in place and avoid anything falling out.

Side Zip pocket (1)

Side Zip Pocket (2)

Side Zip Pocket (3)

The side Zip pocket is another great addition and will comfortably fit a nice chunky sized tape measure or pack of cards. It also has a plastic window that will enable you to insert a piece of paper with your name in which will make identifying your case at tournaments that little bit easier. My only annoyance on this side pouch is that it is not quite big enough for my needs. With my warmachine I have everything in card sleeves and deck protector boxes. The side pocket is just a little too small to fit them in, but this is the only real bad thing I can say at this moment in time. If I switch to top loaders they will easily fit in the pocket.

Front pouch (1)

Front pouch (2)

Yet more additional storage in the forms of these 2 front pouches, these will easily fit your small softback rulebooks such as flames, malifaux, 40k etc. The left pouch in this instance easily fit all of my tokens and templates without any issues.  The velcro ensures that nothing falls out as well.

Aside from the deck protector box, I managed to fit everything show above and my usual card case in at one time. This made the case quite heavy and as I mentioned before the stitching really holds strong. The plastic clips for the straps are sturdy and the strap itself does not cut in thanks to plastic support. The case itself also has a Very solid and sturdy carry handle if you do not need hang it from your shoulder.

Carry Handle

The most important bit of this case is the central holder for well your actual models. KR have made even more improvements on the inside boasting 4 solid side sections. In the previous Kaiser cases these were not that strurdy and leaving the case empty would lead to the side sloping inwards. This is not the case with the revised versions. All the sides as well as the top and bottom sections are very well padded as well to give your cases that extra bit of protection with all of the extra bits you will be carrying.

Insides With Case

Insides without Case


Bottom Grips

The quality of this case goes all the way down to its feet with 4 feet at the bottom of the case to stop it sliding around unwanted, this is especially useful if you intend to store your cases on shelving etc.

Overall this is a fantastic case by itself and even more so giving that it is an improvement to a previous design, everything that you would not have likes about your previous Kaiser case is included in this version. From quality to price, there is nothing to really find fault with, it is nice to see that just because something is affordable it still has the same high quality of other so called top market cases. In my opinion these are right up there  and should be seriously considered if you are looking for a reliable and affordable solution for storage and transportation of your models.


One response to “Review – KR Kaiser

  1. I have one of their Aluminum cases and I love it! All the pockets and spaces on this one are rally nice though. Had I known about that, I probably would have gone with that bag instead. I use a small backpack now in addition to my case to carry my cards (in a binder) and other needed Warmachine stuff.

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