Cut & Thrust 24 Hours Gaming Madness

The fuel of gaming nights!

Friday / Saturday saw Cut & Thrust host a wonderfully eventful 24 hours of gaming madness. From 1900 Friday to 1900 Saturday. Amazing, except I have a Monday to Friday job and have to be in the office just after 6 on the very same day lol.

Well never the less I was determined to stay for at least the Friday night, which I did them 0700 Saturday I bailed out and went home to sleep all day.

Still a brilliant night which saw lot

The fuel of gaming nights!s of alcohol, dominoes pizza and E numbers of all varieties consumed, as well as a charity swear jar that well filled up pretty quickly.

The event saw us able to play some games that we don’t always get to play including Nexus Ops, Battlestar, Warhammer invasion etc. We even got to keep tabs on the 8 hour 6,500pt a side spectacle Flames of War game that Ben and Dan were playing.

But I survived, partially and now I am off to pack some boxes what fun.



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