Warmahordes Escalation League

So despite working a ridiculous amount and having to find somewhere else to live ther has been some gaming action going on for me. Not only that, but I am running a Warmahordes Escalation League. We have just finished month 1 of 15pts and I am not bottom 😀

Player – Points – VP – Overall Record

DORY – 6 – 60 – 3-0-1
ANDY – 6 – 56 – 3-0-1
CERI  – 6 – 50 – 3-0-3
JUN – 6 – 49 – 4-0-1
CAI – 5 – 37 – 2-0-2
SIMON – 4 – 27 – 2-0-0
ALAN – 3 – 31 – 0-0-7
WILL – 3 – 25 – 1-0-1
TOM – 3 – 16 – 1-0-1
LIAM – 3 – 7 – 1-0-1
GUY – 1 – 0 – 0-0-1

And here are a list of the casters we have. With me using Zerkova I am claiming a moral victory right now.

Player Name – Faction – Caster

Tom Drage – Cygnar – Stryker
Liam Hall – Khador – Zerkova
Dory English – Khador – pVlad
Alan Hall – Menoth – Harbinger
Guy Dawe – Cryx – Witch Coven
Dan Carroll – Skorne – eMorghoul
Jan Kuipes – Menoth – pSeverus
Simon Edwards – Circle – Grayle
Andy Knight – Cryx – Scavarous
Cai Gratz – Cryx – Scavarous
Ceri Arbos – Legion – Saeryn
Will Allen – Circle – eBaldur
Chris Roberts – Skorne – Zaal
Ross Stevenson – Legion – Thagrosh
Jun Chan – Skorne – pHexeris
Scott Miskin – Cygnar – Darius
Dave Avery – Cygnar – Stryker

Despite only having gotten 2 games in with Zerkova, I have learnt a lot about her already, with a scenario victory against Stryker and a caster kill lose to Scaverous in which the dice went against me.

Zerkova went for the caster kill and on the last boosted hit needing 5 on 3 dice for a caster kill I rolled 4 and swiflty got torn a new one.

She is definately a tricky caster to use but I am getting tha hang of her and I am really liking her tiered list. I am however struggling to use Gorman effectively. I usually get him killed by turn 3 but not before he has done something sinister.

4 responses to “Warmahordes Escalation League

  1. I can imagine Zerkova to be, like you said, very tricky to learn but once you’ve figured her out I think you’ll be able to catch a LOT of people out due to the fact that she is very rarely seen.

    Plus Gorman is a bit of a one hit wonder the first few times you use him but let him continue subsequent turns and its phenomenal what he can do!

    • Oh definately. Watcher + Spriggan is great fun, Gorman also works quite well with the Greylords Ice Cage.

      Zerkova herself though has some lovely little spells and with the ability to ignore LOS can really catch some people out. I am also loving her feat against infantry heavy lists.

  2. I’m played 2 games with Zerkova and she really is an odd one. Her spells are a mix of just about everything but army buffs, so I can see why she turns people off. But the fact that she isn’t used often draws me too her for some reason…Plus, now that I have Sylys, I think she’ll be a bit better.

    My Zerkova is almost done being painted (been wanting to paint her for awhile), and now that our Gnarls league is over, I’m going to use her at the next game night.

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