Panzer Power

In what has been a mad first day of my week off I bring you yet another update! Following swiftly in the wake of the Panthers are the Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV.

Each box will give you enough components to build 5 Panzer IV’s in either the Ausf F1, F2/G or the H. In this instance I shall be building these as the H varient so they can fit into my Panzer Lehr force. As with the Panther kits you get a lot of components on each sprue.

There is however a lot more flash on the sprue in comparison to the Panther sprue but this is still requires significantly less work than you would normally expect. In order to stop myself from repeating my previous posts, the quality and ease of assembly are all just as good as the Panther kit and I am extremely happy with these. All 5 were again assembled in a few hours and no major difficulties during assembly.

And there you have it. 5 Panzers down and only 5 left. Bring it on.



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