Panthers on the March

As I mentioned a few days ago I got my hands on some of the Plastic Soldier Company boxes, mainly a box of Panthers and 2 boxes of Panzer IV. I got some time over the weekend to sit down and go through the Panther box set and wow these things are pretty good.

As you can see the box is fairly chunky, and gives you everything you need to assemble Either a Panther D, A or G varient. This instantly gives you a lot of variety straight out of the box, and it shows just by looking at the sprue:

For 15mm that is a lot of kit, you are looking at upwards of 30 components that need to be assembled. Thankfully, PSC provide you with a high quality double sided A4 sheet that colour codes the bits that you need and also give some easy to follow instructions.

Assembly Instructions

Assemble by Colour

Both documents are very easy to follow. One thing that has really stuck out is the quality of these components, there is virtually zero clean up required. In fact the only thing needed was for me to clear up where I snipped the bits from the sprue. The detail of each piece as well is stunning. Everything is extremely crisp, everything fits together smoothly. The only negative and this is purely being picky was that the tank commander model had a casting hole in his back but this was easily rectified in about 30 seconds thanks to some liquid green stuff.

These tanks were a joy to put together and despite the sheer number of components, there was nothing overly complex or painstaking involved in the assembly process. All 5 tanks were put together in only a few hours. And here are the finished models assembled as Panther A varients:

5 Lovely high quality Panther tanks all ready to be painted. These look so much better in my opinion than their Battlefront equivalents in every way, and what’s even better is they are so much cheaper.  A platoon of 5 from Battlefront will set you back £41 compared to a much more reasonably priced £17.95 for the PSC version. Simply put if you want something different, better and cheaper then go check out The Plastic Soldier Company


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