Lets Get Basing With Basecrafts

I have finally decided how I want to do my bases for my Khador force. I want to stick with a Winter theme but not just have straight up snow flock bases. By chance, I stumbled upon www.basecrafts.com These guys sell a selection of basing materials, weather pigments, resin bases, and combined basing kits. The one that caught my eye was the winter basing kit What stood out the most, was the price. £10 for so much stuff, surely there is next to nothing of each. I ordered some anyway and 2 days later they arrived in the post.

Top (L to R) 2x Deep Snow, 2x Soft Snow, Snow White Pigment, Winter Leaves. Bottom (L to R) Natural Lichen, Soil Scatter, Fallen Branches, Medium Slate

A quick unpack as you can see above, and wow, that is a lot of stuff. There is a generous amount of all bits and double amounts of snow as well. Fantastic. There is everything here you need for some nice realistic and natural looking winter themed bases.  In with the packaging is also a nice A4 reference sheet:

After opening up a few of the tubs and taking a closer look at the contents I am extremely happy with the quality of these and will definitely look to purchase some more when I need them for my other projects.

If you are still unsure, Basecrafts have a few videos on the contents and how to use these.

Overall I would strongly recommend giving these guys a look if you are in need of any basing supplies, especially if you have a theme in mind.


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