What do you want to see?

Work sucks. Well that’s a slight understatement. 70 hour work weeks are not fun as it is encroaching on my gaming an painting. Boo!

So anyway mid morning moan over I have a back log of stuff to load on the blog when I get enough spare time but I’m interested to know what people want to see on here. It’s interesting seeing the page stats (nearing 6k now go me) an the google searches that lead people here, but do you like what you see or is there something not on ere that you want me to start doing? Leave me a comment and let me know and I’ll try and get it up.

Right back to work 😦


7 responses to “What do you want to see?

  1. Bloodbowl would be cool, for someone like myself who is just getting into it. Maybe some reports about your adventures with Zerkova as well?

    • What sort of bloodbowl bits would you like to see?

      I also have 2 reports to post for zerkova, 1 very close and cheeky win and another should have been a win but some poor dice turned it into a spanking against 😦

      • Well I’m still very new to it so maybe some beginners stuff? I’d also like to know about if there’s any big events and such where it features.

        look forward to reading the Zerkova, she’s the black sheep of the warcaster family for Khador x3

      • gotta love assassins 😀

        And that event looks pretty swish! love the tables, If i’m up to scratch by then I may have to come over and throw down 😉

        One thing that would be good for your guide is how tournaments work with this kinda of game ie: does your team evolve like in a league etcetc.

    • Would be good to have you. Good thing is blood bowl is really easy to pick up. I’ll start sticking something up tomorrow, will put it in several parts:
      1) Basic overview – stats, turn sequence, what you need etc
      2) Teams, the different types of teams and how they benefit play styles.
      3) Tournaments

      How does that sound? I would also suggest heading over the http://www.talkfantasyfootball.org thats where all the cool kids hang out 😉

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