Spriggan – Complete

What’s that, you have blinked. Yeah that’s right you missed it. Quick as a flash the Spriggan is all complete, and I have photos with proper lighting to show it off. Managed to finish this in just a few hours and I am very happy with the results for a quick tabletop standard paint job. I will be going back along with all the other models and doing touch ups and some highlights, but I want to get everything painted first. So here I present you the mighty Spriggan.

So with my Spriggan down, my attention is now turned to the next set of models. I have been lucky in the sense that I was able to spray a load of models tonight down my LGS as it is too cold to do any spraying at home. So whats been sprayed:


  • Zerkova
  • Gorman Di Wulfe
  • Koldon Lord
  • Grey Lord Ternions


  •  Ramos, Original, Alt & Avatar
  • Electrical Creation
  • Steamborg Executioner
  • Brass Arachnid

That should keep me occupied for a while. Right best get cracking


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