A Tale of Warmahordes Gamers

January has absolutely flown past and we are fresh into a new month. And with that comes new things to paint. In December I signed up to the “Tale of Warmahordes Painters” project on the Privateer Press Boards. The premise is to paint 5 points a month over the course of 2012. However 5pts is a pitiful amount. I must paint more.

January saw me achieve 24pts of painted Khador goodness in the form of the Great Bears, Decimator & 2 Vanguards. Surely at this pace I can have everything painted by the end of the year. With February comes a new work in progress and I shall by painting towards my new love Zerkova. So painting goals for Feb / March will be, in no particular order.

  • Zerkova
  • Spriggan
  • Gorman Di Wulfe
  • Max Assasins+UA
  • Greylords
  • Koldon Lord
  • Widowmakers
  • Marksman

Now to hope it warms up long enough that I can get some base coating down.


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