We need more metallic monsters!

Fresh off the successful completion of many spiders over the last few days and with every intention of finishing this Ramos crew fairly quickly I turned my attention to the Soulstone Miner and Large Steampunk Arachnid today. And here they are. Thankfully the LSA was nowhere near as annoying to paint as it was to assemble and here they are in all of there glory.


5 responses to “We need more metallic monsters!

  1. Hey dude

    I’m also in the process of painting Ramos & a bunch of metallic nastiness.
    Just a quick question- I’ve been out of the painting game for a few years now so i’m a bit rusty. What techniques have you used to paint you large steampunk arachnid?? It looks great! 🙂


    • Hey mate, The whole model was sprayed white. The metal areas were then painted with Vallejo Game Colour (VGC) Chainmail Silver, the Brass with VGC Brassy Brass.

      Everything was then given a GW Badab Black Wash, followed by washing different areas with GW Devlan Mud, The brassy areas were then given washes in a few places with Valejjo Blue Shade wash, the Silver parts were given a similar spot washe in a few areas, mainly joints with GW thrakka Green.

      Hope this helps.

      • Ah cheers dude. I was wondering if it was maybe a weird lighting effect but i think the blue wash is what i’m seeing. gonna have to pick some of those washes up.

        You have another follower. keep up the good work sir. The machines are on the rise. you mark my words….

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