Black Dragon Pikemen!!!

So Privateer Press have announced the new upgrade pack for the Khador Iron Fang pikemen and they look brilliant. I was toying with getting some Pikemen and I read the background of the Black Dragons which pretty much settled it. Now that these are being released I can now field them without having to worry about how I am going to model them with meager green stuffing skills.

However one downside is Cost 😦 PP have confirmed that these are webstore only. Whilst that is great if you are US based. It sucks if you live anywhere else. A $14.99 upgrade kit is nice an cheap but the cheapest shipping PP offer to the UK is $12.00 Scandalous 😦 Looks like I will have to wait a while to get hold of these.

All in all though they do look very nice, and I do like shiny things so no doubt I will pay the outrageous shipping lol.


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