I am an assassin – Don’t mess with me!

Last night saw my first try my hand at a bit of Roleplaying in the form of Fantasy Flight Games’ Dark Heresy. Aiden our trusty GM has rounded up a truly despicable bunch of individuals to do his bidding across the galaxy. We have ourselves a nice mix of characters and classes and as if the title was not giveaway enough I am an assassin.


 If only my character looked as bad-ass as this guy does. All in due course though. I myself am a smooth talking Sniper from the hive World Paani Prime.

Rocking my trusty hunting rifle “Ishta” with Silencer and Telescopic sight, I monitor the situation from far back and neutralise anyone who is deemed “problematic”

Whilst my service to the Inquisition is adventurous and most of the time absolutely terrifying  and almost alway suicidal it beats being left back home.

My Family is all dead, our business has been taken over and I am a wanted man by more people than I care to imagine. They will forget about me soon enough, but I will not forget them. One day I will return and take back what is mine!



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