Now this is some Customer Service

2 posts in 10 minutes, my I am spoiling you. So mid way through assembling my Christmas toys (Thanks again mum & Dad :-D) I ran into a slight snag in that one of the weapon arms to my Vanguard was in 2 pieces whereas the other was whole. Bugger. Well each blister comes with an email address for missing parts. So off I went and snapped a photo and emailed to them along with my address.

Hurray!!!!!1 week on and a peak inside the postbox presented me with this.

Replacement arm in a cosy foam blanket

Not only a quick turn around, but zero hassle and carefully packaged. I now have one happy Vanguard that is reunited with him arm. I think I’ve found the next model(s) getting painted. That didn’t take long now did it.



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