It’s Gert Bowl Time

After my successfully run first Blood Bowl tournament last July I am pleased to officially present:


‘The Rise of Ling Ling!’


 SATURDAY 28th & SUNDAY 29th JULY 2012

 Sponsored by –

"KR - soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam!"

VENUE: Cut & Thrust Wargaming, 61 Old Market Street, Bristol, BS3 OEJ

Tickets are available for £18 for NAF members and £24 for Non NAF (Extra price includes NAF Registration)

Rules Pack: GertBowl2012Rules v1

I am now busily working away at making organising my little tournament baby which will see the return of the amazing custom made blood bowl boards that our club has made. For those of you that have not seen them yet, well I can’t have you use your imagination, no I am too good to you all. Look down. 🙂

I absoloutely love these boards, and they look so much better in the flesh, especially the chaos board. Photos from last years event can also be found Here


2 responses to “It’s Gert Bowl Time

  1. Are those the pitches made of cheesegraters & sandpaper that ground the paint off of people’s miniatures last year??

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