The Bears are on the painting table

The Bears have finally made it onto the table. After requiring a bit of TLC due to some terrible casting on the back of the cloaks that was only apparent after  I had base coated them, the Great Bears have made it back for a second take. The models themselves are lovely and I can really see these being a joy to paint. I almost feel bad for the lazy painting style that is about to be applied to these over the next few days as they really deserve more. In gaming terms these things really are becoming one of my favourite units. They have featured in nearly all of my games over the last few months and there is a very good reason.

These guys are absolutely brutal. They are mini butchers in their own right and when these guys charge something, there are very few things that can stand in their way.

On a side note, I have taken the time to sign up to the Tale of Warmahordes painters 2012 over on the privateer Press forums. I figure the more people I have to report to the less likely I am to slow down. They only require 5pts per month but I shall be hoping to do way more.


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