Happy Not Quite Late New Year

so 2012 is finally here. After a rather dismall 2011 here is to a better year and what way to start than be setting some New Years Resolutions. So here we go:

  1. Paint more stuff – as you will see here I have a ridiculously stupid amount of stuff that needs painting and it is about time I start to ploy through it. I fully intend to get ALL (Feel free to hold me to this one) of my Warmachine stuff and get cracking on the several thousand points worth of British Airborne Flames of War stuff
  2. Keep the blog going. This has provided some key motiviation on getting back aboard the painting train and hopefully I can keep up with both.
  3. Play more games. I didn’t play half as many games last year and I really want to get more games played in particular Warmachine and if 6th Edition comes in the Summer 40k.  As a subset of this I want to try my hand at Vassal as a secondary way to improve. (Any tips on how to use it are greatly appreciated)
  4. Buy less – I think my girlfriend will like this one more than me but I need to be less like a magpie this year and jumping on a new system bandwagon only for it to die a death after a few months. Failing that I have at least got one of my best mates into Warmachine so I can help him spend lots of money on his new found addiction 🙂

So I think that will do to start with. So with that said. I’m off to go tinker with the blog and add new bits to it. Stay tuned as almost all of my Christmas toys have been assembled.

I will leave you with this… the Behemoth had best be worth it as aside from the retarded pose that balances that much metal on one smal joint is crazy and that this had best be as good as everyone says as I have already lost a chunk of my thumb thanks to a modelling knife slip 😦


5 responses to “Happy Not Quite Late New Year

  1. The behemoth IS that good. He scares people THAT much every time he´s on the table. He DOES overkill pretty much anything he touches. And you WILL want to field him in a 25p list and burn your brain about it (tried getting him on a 15p list, but not the smartest thing to do).

    Also, make him step on something. There´s no way in hell he would survive on me standing on one leg. I´m not an engineer. He just needed a nice big rock to crush with his foot.

  2. Well the Behemoth is going to assist the Old Witch so is always an auto include, and it is good to hear my bleeding thumb has not died in vein lol.

    I’ve managed to stick a massive brass rod in the pelvis joint which should hopefully hold it in place. Well fingers crossed 😉

  3. I keep seeing the same four (solid) resolutions all over the place and can only say to you what I’ve been saying to everyone else: good luck!

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