We can Rebuild them

So whilst I was merrily indulging in Christmas festivities, Beast and Kodiak were relaxing themselves in a luxurious Dettol Spa weekend. And the result, not an open pour in sight! Now for the rest of the models to take a trip.

Yeah I know, but I wanted to make it sound more glamorous than it actually was. So they are all stripped and looking nice and shiny. I have no idea what superglue was used on those 2 models but damn it is strong. Even after soaking in Dettol it still did not want to give an inch. Still they are stripped and separated for the most part, just need to clean the mould lines and reassemble. Easy.. Furthermore, the Spriggan is almost ready to join the party as well. Due to the nature of his pose he will be painted separately and then assembled afterwards just to make my life significantly easier.


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