It’s Battle Report Time – Issue #1 – pButcher v pMortenebra


I managed to get a game in last night against my Friend Cai’s cryx list. I thought I liked jacks. Well not quite as much as he did. Cai was running no fewer than 5 Jacks!!!!!

We opted for 35pts straight up caster kill with the following lists.

pButcher (+6)
Max Assassins + UA

Mortenebra (T4) +4
2x Slayer
Scrap Thrall
2x Warwitch Siren


After 3 drawn dice rolls I managed to finally win and elected to go 2nd. Cai deployed everything fairly centrally with the thrall on my left hand flank. I match electing to have my 3 jacks wall up with butcher, dog, greatbears slightly behind them. The assassins lined up to the left and Yuri just off to the right in the woods.

End of Deployment - Cryx

End of deployment - Khador


Turn 1

Fairly uneventful turn as they normally are. Cai ran everything forward My central line ran forward, with butcher casting iron flesh on Yuri who elected to charge straight into some nearby trees. Butcher casted fury on the assassins just in case a whole opened up early doors.

Cai's end of turn 1

My Turn 1 done

Turn 2

Things began to get interesting as Yuri was now in a very threatening range. Cai moved the majority of hi jacks forward, preparing to get into position to meet me head on, he positioned a warwitch in front of Yuri blocking a potential charge land to Monty but failed to penetrate the crazy high Def that Yuri was boasting. Deryliss moved into position close by to Monty to ensure that Yuri would be taking a lot of free strikes if he attempted to get any ideas about an early assassination.

Cryx Turn 2a

Cryx Turn 2b

On my turn I elected not to upkeep either spell instead shuffling the main pack forward slighty an attempting a cunning plan that would either go well or not so well. Butcher casted Iron flesh on the assassins and they bolted forward to tarpit in front of the jacks. I had slightly miss calculated the distances and the jacks where about 1/2 inch too far back to be able to get the charge on any jacks that had a pop shot at the assassins. With that done Yuri walked out of the forest and swung his massive axe around. Managing to kill Derylis, a Warwitch Siren as well as dealing a few points of damage onto the Reaper and 9 points onto one of the slayers (Who is nicknamed Captain Hugsy thanks to his comical pose :D) A pretty impressive few dice rolls.

Khador Turn 2

Turn 3

Things were hotting up and Cai quickly elected to take out Yuri, hammering him to the ground with Captain Hugsy. Yuri is quite squishy as soon as he stops hugging a close by tree. Cai cast Terminal velocity to give the jacks a helping hand against the assassins however in a crazy quirk of fate he manage to hit only 2 models who were subsequently squashed into a significant number of pieces. With the jack attacks failing the remaining models were moved as best to cover Morty

Cryx Turn 3

I was not expecting so many to live with all those boosted attacks and I elected to move the assassins in for the kill. I dropped the upkeep on the assassins, ran butcher forward with the kodiak in front, dropped my feat and cast fury on the assassins (Which I subsequently forgot about for the rest of the turn despite having a very visual token to remind me…) The Underboss then dropped his mini feat and the assassins ghosted their way alongside Mortenebra. After a successful terror command check the Warwitch was first to feel the cold kazayay steel cut her to ribbons and the rest that were in range focused on Morty. The underboss went first and despite only needing 4’s on 2 dice for botyh attacks managed to miss both. Doh!!! However the underlings showed the Underboss how it was done and managed to take the final wound required on the last possible attack that could be allocated.

Khador Turn 3

Khador Win.

Both myself and Cai are still learning the ins and outs of our armies and Cai’s is dusting off his Warmachine after being away for a few months. I got lucky to a point with the assassins avoiding so many hits. The sheer number of Jacks really intimidates at first and it would have been interesting to have seen how my 3 jacks would have faired in combat with the death jack. A rematch is definately on the cards and I think it is safe to say that I will not get away with the Assassins for a second time.

So my first Battle Report is done and I hope it wasn’t too boring. Comments and criticisms always welcome. Was this a good read did it help understand what was going on? Did I miss stuff out? Or was there something in the game that I did that you would have done differently?

Until next time.


3 responses to “It’s Battle Report Time – Issue #1 – pButcher v pMortenebra

  1. Cool batrep!

    I would definitely look into fitting in 2 Berserkers as you want as many melee attacks as possible since Butcher1 has the Full Throttle spell which is of course amazing! Because of this you definitely want to go more jack heavy when your fielding him. When games start to being at the 35pt level he doesn’t as well as other casters since a lot of troops start to get involved. I def recommend trying out Sorscha1/2, Vlad1, and Irusk1/2 at 35+ games.

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