From the archives – KR Backpack 2 review

After a recent thread on Case recommendations arised on the Warhammer Forum it led to some discussion in which I reverted to a review I did a few months ago regarding KR’s line of Backpacks. I figured that it was worth moving this from the Wyrd forum and put it out to a wider audience.

KR Multicase Backpack 2 Review

By Liam “MunkeyKungFu” Hall

As a budding gamer of many years I am constantly on the look out for handy storage solutions in order to not only keep my models safe but all me to transport them in a convenient manner. The fine people over at KR ( have recently released their new range of backpacks and I instantly snapped them up on their launch offer. I visit my local gaming store 1-2 times a week and I frequently attend local 2 day tournaments where due to public transport travelling light is key.

Before I go any further lets get the disclaimer out of the way. I do not work nor am I affiliated with KR. This bag was not given to me to review I have purchased this with my own money.

Right so with that out of the way lets get onto the nitty gritty. The KR Backpack 2 has several price points depending on whether you wish to buy just the backpack, or custom trays. For £59.99 I received the double back and 1 tray of normal foam. (I was lucky enough to get the July offer of a free extra case as well but this deal is expired). At first this seems a little on the expensive side however the cases themselves are just over £20 so on reflection it is fairly reasonable for that price point.

So let’s have a look at what makes this bag so special: (Taken from KR Website)
– Single version for 1 case
– Double version has expandable section for 2nd case
– Carry up to 2 card KR Multicases
– Or combine a case plus your clothes, shoes, accessories
– Large comfortable shoulder straps for easy travel
– Large pockets for books, accessories etc
– 2 large side pockets for drinks etc
– Elasticated mesh for large items
– Ergonomic and stylish design
– Chest and waist clips for cyclists and bikers
– Fully waterproof

Straight from the go KR take great care in ensuring that their products get to you safely and this turns up in a very sturdy brown box. On initial look and feel the stitching looks very good and strong. The material of this bag is made of waterproof material and benefits from being very light.

The Bag itself holds cases comfortably in each section and has been purposefully designed as such. These card cases are a nice snug fit and will not bounce around when walking or cycling.

The side straps allows you to loosen or tighten depending on what is in the second section to stop items bouncing around and contains a chest strap for added comfort and stability. A further feature of the double backpack is the ability to zip up / compact the front section turning the case from a double to a single. This is ideal for using this to just transport a case on a gaming night.

A key feature for me which has been a gripe with KR bags previously lacking is the pouches for books and tokens etc. The Backpack 2 features 1 front zip pouch and 2 side zip pouches. The front comfortably fits all the relevant rulebook and additional materials required for a gaming night. In this case it fits my malifaux rules manual, rising power source book, Flames of war rules book and hardback sourcebook and there is still some room left.

The side pouches provide plenty of room for needed accessories. As seen below the right pouch allows me to fit my 1 litre drinks bottle and the opposite side will fit 2 card decks in protector cases, a chunky tape measure and dice bag with space to spare.

KR boast that not only will this allow you to fit 2 card cases but it will also alternatively allow you to fit 1 card case and clothes etc. As this is something that I will be using this bag for I decided to put this to the test.

As you can see this does indeed stand up to the claim and fits everything in comfortably. This second section comfortably fitted spare clothes and my travel wash bag plus shoes.

The space is this bag provides is absolutely fantastic. It really seems like KR have thought through the practicality of this bag and they have delivered on this. The Final Tally of what was stuffed into this bag and still have a bit of space left over.

1x KR Card Case
2x Rulebooks
2x Source Books
2x Deck Boxes
1x Dice Bag
1x Tape measure
1x 1litre drinks bottle
1x pair of shoe
1x pair of jeans
2x sets of underwear and socks
1x tshirt
1x shirt
1x thick hoody
1x wash bag + deodrant

Overall this case is very light, versatile and provides huge amounts of space. I honestly think that KR has hit the nail on the head with this product. The price point may put some people off, but given the flexibility of this bag and the quality overall it is great value for money.

I for one will be using this as my main go to bag for travelling to and from events and my FLGS.

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