Some new Blood Bowl to paint

Next year I shall be attending the Welsh Open Blood Bowl Tournament in Newport, Wales. I attended last year and had a fantastic time with Ling Ling and the humans. Building on my new found enthusiasm for getting my massive backlog of models painted I decided to go to next years event with one of the several teams that were either completely unpainted or only part painting.

I was however spoilt for choice, so many cool looking models and funky teams to paint. It was here that I turned to the fine chaps at the Talk Fantasy Football forum for their advice in the form of a vote. I ran it for 5 days and these are the results:

1. Greebo Wood Elves (Unpainted) 33%
2. GW Dark Elves (Part Painted) 11%
3. Greebo Necromantic (Part Painted) 11%
4. Impact Skaven (Unpainted) 22%
5. GW Goblins with 3rd Party Secret Weapons, Willy & Gaspez Troll (Unpainted) 22%

So it appears that I am playing and painting Wood Elves next year ๐Ÿ˜€ Now can I be good enough to get a spoon with a Tier 1 team? It will be fun to try. Thanks to those who took the time to vote and hopefully I shall be making some sharpish progress especially as the tournament is in February. This shall be a good test for me as my biggest downfall in painting is that I simply cannot do flesh very well and these ladies, well they are very fleshy ๐Ÿ˜‰

The ladies are ready for some painting!


5 responses to “Some new Blood Bowl to paint

  1. Blood Bowl in Wales? I’ve been playing about with an electronic Blood Bowl game (to track players stats, dice modifiers, rolls etc. so you can concentrate on just playing the game!) I’ve not played for about 20 years but with our local hackspace starting a board games night, I’d love to introduce BB to some new players – but without them being put off with dice rolls, table look-ups etc. shows the board development; I hope to spend some time over Xmas actually making it work!

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