Another Game of Warmachine down but I am still very much a noob

So I managed to get my second proper game of Warmachine in tonight against Jan and his Menoth. I forgot to mention last week that Jan had pretty much taken me under his wing during my game last week guiding me whenever I made a stupid move, which was pretty much every other move lol. I would like to say I could remember what he was hitting me with but all I can remember is that some of it set me on fire which very nearly killed butcher.

However I still made stupid mistakes albeit fewer than last week and it nearly cost me the game, however one thing with Warmachine is it is never over until the fat butcher sings 😀 I managed to pull off a cheeky win after some very unlucky dice meant Jan failed to finish off butcher after he created a tank sized gap. So two games down and 2 wins due to a stupid amount of beginners luck and both opponents being friendly enough to help me out along the way. A rematch is definitely on the cards when I am able to play without having to ask silly questions all the time but alas.

I am making progess in my adventure to get into Warmachine and am learning more every time. Lesson for today though. Fire hurts! Most importantly though, I am bloody loving this game. Now back to painting…

Khador vs Menoth


4 responses to “Another Game of Warmachine down but I am still very much a noob

  1. It was a pity failing to get enough damage onto pButcher after knocking down that jack, but oh well. I’ll be sure to not make a huge blunder (note to self: stick enliven on the reckoner rather than ancillary attack!) and drop him properly next time rather than having a supreme ‘derp’ moment.

  2. That’s a sweet gaming table, my white khador would be right at home…

    It’s always nice when you have something that take you under their wing and shows you the ropes. Warmachine is my first tabletop game ever, so I was/am constantly making mistakes left and right. I still do, just not every move anymore;) I thank my local group for that and their support!

  3. I’m very lucky that there is a very large group of gamers in Bristol and there are around 15+ Warmachine gamers. Makes learning and subsequently playing lots of games a lot easier 😀

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