Spoils of War recap

I might as well have been firing these all weekend

So this weekend I played in our clubs Spoils of war Campaign weekend and for me at least it was, well, a disaster… My army thought it would be funny to fire marshmallows in what can only be described as the worst weekend of dice rolling I have ever experienced.

Overall Though I had 5 games against 5 very good and fun opponents:

Game 1 Vs Blood Angel (Kill Points, Dawn of War)

the first game was 1000pts and my armoured BA tank column took on Jims BA DoA army. I took first turn and hugged a corner to minimise what he could get me me. Everything of his turned up on Turn one, well away from my tanks. With that I blitzed out of the corner gun

s blazing. Things were looking pretty good for me until I managed to shoot too many shots into his assault squad with not only failed their leadership test but fell bacjk 16″ leaving me in the open to get chopped up. This followed by my contemptor only managing to kill 1 marine and then getting blown up in the same combat with Jim needing 4+,6, 6. Statistics decided to hate on me and it was to be the start of a bad weekend

Narrow Lose

Game 2 Vs Necron (Bored Draw, Table Quarters)

This game was a fairly lack luster affair with neither of us being able to do much. My land raider and Terminators plowed forward with the terminators quickly jumping out to smash the scarab swarm to pieces before spending 4 turns locked in combat with 2 tomb stalkers. Things started to peak when My Baal predator turned up on turn 5. It was quickly shot up being immobilised and having its weapon destroyed however there was a turn 6. I popped smoke and it survived but everything was pulling back to have a pop at this lowly tank. Alas there was a turn 7 and it was smashed to pieces. The highlight of this game was having 10 penetrating hits on the Monolith and not scoring anything over a 2…


Game 3 Vs Necron (Bored Draw, Table Quarters)

Another game against NEcrons followed at 2000pts and this one could not have gone any different. Not only was I able to not do anything in shooting but absolutely nothing in combat. Some crazy Necron terrain rules stopped any of my psychic powers going off all game, well actually ALL WEEKEND and I was carved a new one. It went from bad to worse as a lychguard unit carved up a death company unit in a single turn and then finished off my terminators. All I can say on this one is I hat mind-shackle scarabs, they are absoloutely horrendous… Oh and another 7 penetrating hits with only 1 thing higher than a 2. A 3 Yay.
Massive lose
Game 4 Vs Orks (Kill Points, Pitched Battle)
Day 2 loomed and I was up against Spiky Dave’s Ork hordes. This game was over on turn one when I fired 6 assault cannons (6×4 twin linked shots) 3’s with re-rolls and I managed to get 1, yes 1 hit. 2 to wound and yes another 1 was rolled. Oh dear, oh dear. 90 boys reached my lines in virtually on piece and I was butchered to within a few men.
Massive, massive defeat.
Game 5 Vs Orks (Kill Points, Pitched Battle)
Game 5 and the hope of any redemption was all but lost. I came up again Hef and his Ork gun line in what was the most fun even game of the whole weekend. We delivered blow for blow with each other, with my terminators quickly carving up a unit of boys and big mek. The multi-charge failed however as they were locked in combat with a deff dread for too long allowing Hef’s Mega dread to work its way across the battlefield carving up first a death company squad and then the last remnants of the Terminators. The assault cannons were firing however and were carving up everything in there path managing to take out killer kans galore. However as the mega dread rampaged on Hef quickly pushed ahead and delivered the blow on turn 7 that would see his win. Unfortunately the contemptor got immobilised early on and didnt make it against the big bad mega dread but maybe next time.
Minor Lose
So wow 5 games and 4 loses. My worse display at a tournament ever. Massive, massive blow, but hey ho that is life. Now the tournament is out of the way I can now focusing on painting up my lovely Warmachine models.
Until next time folks

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