Ramos almost at the ready

Behold, Steam punk Spiders......

So now that I am finished painting my current crop of Blood Angels (It fealt like an eternity of painting) I can now focus on my other projects.

I have managed to get around to assembling part of my Ramos crew for Malifaux. I can safely say that the Brass Arachnid has been one of the most annoying models to assemble ever, due to none of the limbs wanting to stay attached to the abdomen, EACH leg has been pinned. Not a fun or easy process due to the fiddly nature.

But now these bits are done. all that is remaining now is to Assemble 2 more blisters of Arachnids that will go on individual bases and a might Steamborg executioner. Once those are done then off for a quick spray bath and they are good for a weekend paint job.


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