It’s Transfer Tastic

Oh GW how your lackluster supply of transfers for models amuses me. Whats that, you sell assault marines but give transfers for Tactical Marines. Bless your little cotton socks. Anyway the fine chaps over at the Bolter and Chainsword have been running the amazing “Ye Old Decal Project” for many a year and I was able to grab me some lovely looking transfers for my 8th Company Assault marines. I quick print onto some transfer paer and a few coats of Army Painter Varnish and they are ready to go onto my marines.

On a side not the Contemptor has failed horribly due to my rush tactics in getting it ready for the weekend. I’ve stopped it as it meets the min painting standards. Once the weekend is over no sir shall have a nice long dettol bath and a rethink…


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