Death, Death and a little more DEATH

Fresh off of the painting station is my new unit of Death Company marines lead by a Reclusiarch.  I love the fluff of the Death Company and the models, well the old metal ones at least. Just the right amount of detail to look cool without looking overly busy.

I gaming terms, these things are mental. Get these into combat and not much will survive. With furious Charge, 2 additional Power Weapons and the Reclusiarch, that is 13 attacks on the charge re-rolling failed hits and wounds. And whatever survives that get 12 normal attacks coming their way.

With all that pent up fury, what better way to get them into the thick of things than with their very own War wagon. Opting for a cheap weapon option I went for the heavy flamer and used a third party company based in Poland to fill the need that GW neglects and I really wish I didn’t bother. Cheap – Check, Accurate Weapon portrayal – Check, Casting – Crap. Painstaking to assemble and boring to paint due to lack of detail I will definitely be thinking twice before using them again and go back to good old fashion kit bashing. But enough of the boring banter, you want pictures and here they are.

Death Company, COME ON DOWN


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