My Warmahordes Cherry is well and truly popped!

Well I managed to get my first proper game of Warmahordes in down my local gaming store last night. 3 and a half hours and a cheeky win later I can safely say this game is amazing.

The tactical depth of this game makes Warhammer 40k look as tactical as a painting by numbers colouring book.

Many thanks must go to Kerry who played me last night and was kind enough to let me take back moves again and again as I battled to understand the basics fundamentals and complexities of the ruleset. 1 thing if anything that is apparant is that you need to know your stuff off by heart and your opponents stuff or at a minimum the basics of how nasty their units and abilities are…

The bug has hit and I shall be hitting this game and furthermore the painting after my 40k campaign weekend that is coming up in a few days time. But whats in store on the painting front for Warmachine? Well, let me enlighten you:

Full unit of Kazayay Assassins and UA
Great Bears
Yuri the Axe

A tasty selection of models if I do say so myself.

Until next time…


6 responses to “My Warmahordes Cherry is well and truly popped!

  1. The tactical variations is crazy in this game isn’t it?! I totally fell in love like you did plus the whole “x-factor” of the feats mean you have a chance even in a grim battle sometimes. Glad others see how much more strategy is involved in this games compared to most of the ones out there.

    • Oh most definitely. Your well oiled plan works all the way until your opponent drops their feat. Aside from some really dodgy moulding there is not much I can fault with the game. I really cannot wait to get more games under my belt

  2. I had the same reaction as you mate, I still enjoy warhammer but warmachine is just such a superior game!

    Nice collection of starting models too, Butcher will do you proud πŸ˜‰

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